Powder Eater

Powder Eater
ST:1 HP:1 MHP:1 G:10
Item Limit:
Multiplies when moving, leaving copies in both former and new locations.

The Tribbles of Culdcept have been around for a long time. Newcomers to the game may look at the card and wonder what the big deal is; however, veterans understand how scary the Powder Eater really is. Its uses are countless and with a little time and effort, it can be a dominating presence in any match.

The thing to remember about this card is that it leaves copies of itself whenever it moves. Those copies have the same stats as the creature you moved. So, if it happened to be a 0/100 Powder Eater, you now have two 0/100 Powder Eaters to play around with. If left unchecked, entire rows of map can be taken over by 0/100 defenders that opponents can do little to nothing about. Which is why they are attacked with great prejudice when they show up in a free for all match.

The common strategy with this card is to fill your deck with complementing spells and creatures to boost its stats. Fay is great for boosting ST while Fat Body and Lichenoid boost its MHP. Throw a Spirit Walk on your biggest one and it now has the ability to move/clone itself anywhere on the board where there's an open space. The march begins.

A few new things are available in Revolt that weren't before. Now, Lord of Bane will give +20ST to creatures with >=30ST, at the same time, his Boost ability adds to Water and Air creatures, so Powder Eater benefits there as well.

Plague is even more effective now that it hits affected creatures for half of their base MHP. You don't need to worry about your Powder Eaters dying off potentially, when they can just replace any poisoned casualties that happened next to them.

Another, less commonly used strategy involves the puffballs being berserkers. Attacking neighboring territories without abandon. Equipping massive weapons and whittling down opponents bit by bit, looking less like Tribbles and more like Critters.... I'm so old...

Cards like Storm Halberd or Vorpal Sword come to mind. Ring of the Succubus can be used to set up a territory while replenishing your hand with spare Powder Eaters to place elsewhere (Seeing as your 1/1 very likely didn't win the combat and had nowhere to go since there's already a Powder Eater occupying the space it moved from). Senility enchants let you kill the affected creature at the end of combat regardless of if your puffball survives.

Garuda benefits greatly from this card, becoming a whirling monstrosity surrounded by multi-colored lint balls. Can you imagine getting taken down by a tornado of Downy freshness? Terrifying.

Why bother with the 1/1 strategy? They're a lot easier to defend than you may initially think. Petrify Stone is a simple 20G for 0/80 stats. It'll almost always take an item boosted invader to topple a defender with 80HP plus land bonus. Reflect items or a stockpile of deadly weapons can ensure their stay on your territory is brief and/or expensive.

Give Powder Eater some of your time and think up all sorts of new ways to make it a menace to your opponents. Have fun!

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