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1 What is Culdcept? Written by Andyman
2 Beginner's Guide to Culdcept Revolt Written by Whooh05
3 Intermediate Guide to Culdcept Revolt Written by Whooh05
4 Advanced Guide to Culdcept Revolt Written by Whooh05
5 Culdcept Revolt Card Spreadsheet Written by Whooh05
6 Achievements Guide Written by SBRJCT & Andyman
7 Battle Timetable Written by SBRJCT
8 Evo Card Primer Written by SBRJCT
9 Evo Parts List Written by Andyman
10 Gp Farming: How to Efficiently Earn and Spend Your Gp Written by SBRJCT
11 Handicap Levels and Bonuses Written by SBRJCT
12 Land Transfer Charts Written by SBRJCT
13 Map List Written by Andyman
14 Powder Eater Written by Whooh05
15 Scrolls, Penetrates, Land Bonus and HP Written by Old Willow Scrub
16 Special Lands and Element Gems Written by SBRJCT
17 Unlocking Virtual Books Written by SBRJCT

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