Cepter-Enchant Combos

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Cepter-Enchant Combos, as you might have guessed, involve casting an enchantment on yourself, your ally, or an opposing Cepter in combination with a creature's ability, spell effect, or whatever to achieve a more beneficial or more destructive result.

Barrier Normal Single-Enchant
Adds "Anti-Spell" Enchant to target Cepter. (For 5 rounds, target Cepter cannot be chosen as the target of a spell.) 
Goblin's Lair Single-Flash
Places Goblin on land occupied by user if it is currently vacant. / Recycles to Hand.

"Extra protection against Cepter spells." - Jasoya

Uniformity Strange Single-Enchant
Gives "200 Toll" Enchant to target Cepter. (For 3 rounds, the toll fee for all of a Cepter's territories become 200G.)
Peace Strange Single-Enchant
Adds "Peace" Enchant to target creature. (Cannot be invaded, and toll becomes 0G.)

"Enemy Cepters can't invade your lands, but have to pay a 200G toll." - SBRJCT

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