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This list draws its information directly from the English release of Culdcept Revolt. Some info has been updated to add clarity and/or to correct errors. If you spot an error we've missed, please let us know!

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Multi-Instant Spells

Barrier Normal Enchant
Adds "Anti-Spell" Enchant to target Cepter. (For 5 rounds, target Cepter cannot be chosen as the target of a spell.)
Blackout Normal Enchant
Adds "Sleep" Enchant to target enemy Cepter. (For 2 rounds, target enemy Cepter cannot claim tolls.)
Chaos Panic Strange Multi-Enchant
Adds "Reverse Movement" Enchant to all Cepters. (On the next turn, all Cepters will move backwards.)
Charging Step Normal Enchant
Adds "Magic Steps" Enchant to target Cepter. (Makes dice roll 2-4 for two rounds and user gains 50G every time they roll the dice.)
Dream Terrain Strange Enchant
Adds "Shared Toll Fees" Enchant to user. (For 5 rounds, user gains 50% of tolls collected by other Cepters.)
Haste Strange Enchant
Adds "Dice 6-8" Enchant to target Cepter. (Target Cepter's next two dice rolls yield from 6 to 8.)
Holy Word 1 Normal Enchant
Adds "Dice 1" Enchant to target Cepter. (Target Cepter's next dice roll yields a 1.)
Holy Word 3 Normal Enchant
Adds "Dice 3" Enchant to target Cepter. (Target Cepter's next dice roll yields a 3.)
Holy Word 6 Normal Enchant
Adds "Dice 6" Enchant to target Cepter. (Target Cepter's next dice roll yields a 6.)
Holy Word 8 Strange Enchant
Adds "Dice 8" Enchant to target Cepter. (Target Cepter's next dice roll yields a 8.)
Life Force Strange Enchant
Adds "Life Force" Enchant to target Cepter. (Creature and Item Cards' cost becomes 0G. When this Cepter uses a spell, that spell is neutralized and this Enchant vanishes.)
Pacifism Normal Multi-Enchant
Adds "No Invasions" Enchant to all Cepters. (For 2 rounds, you cannot invade.)
Quietude Strange Multi-Enchant
Adds "Mute" Enchant to all Cepters (Spells cannot be used for one round.)
Release Normal Enchant
Adds "Unlock Limits" Enchant to user. (For 4 rounds, ignore item restrictions and land restrictions.)
Uniformity Strange Enchant
Gives "200 Toll" Enchant to target Cepter. (For 3 rounds, the toll fee for all of a Cepter's territories become 200G.)

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