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This list draws its information directly from the English release of Culdcept Revolt. Some info has been updated to add clarity and/or to correct errors. If you spot an error we've missed, please let us know!

If you're looking for an easy-to-print list, grab Whooh05's spreadsheet here.

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Armor Items

Armet Normal Tool
ST-10 / HP+40
Boomerang Strange Weapon
ST+20 / HP+10 / Battle End: Recycles to Hand
Burning Heart Strange Tool
ST+20 / HP+20 / Upon Defeat: Destroys opponent.
Catapult Normal Weapon
ST+30 / HP+30
Diamond Armor Strange Armor
Attacks Last / ST-30 / HP+60
Napalm Arrow Strange Weapon
ST+30 / HP+20 / MHP-40 to opponent if no damage was dealt to opponent during battle.
Petrify Stone Normal Tool
ST=0 / HP=80
Prismatic Wand Strange Weapon
ST & HP+40 if equipped creature's element is different from opponent's element.
Silver Plow Strange Tool
ST+10 / HP+20 / Battle End: Raises the level of battle territory by 1.
Sling Normal Tool
Attacks First / ST+10 / HP+10
Spectre's Robe Normal Armor
ST & HP+ (random value between 10 and 70).
Stormcauser Rare Weapon
ST+60 / HP-30
Trident Normal Weapon
ST+40 / HP+20

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Card of the Moment

Barong Revolt
ST:30 HP:40 MHP:40
Upon Defeat: Returns to user's hand. / Immune to spells that lower land level or change its element.

Culdcept Revolt


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