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This list draws its information directly from the English release of Culdcept Revolt. Some info has been updated to add clarity and/or to correct errors. If you spot an error we've missed, please let us know!

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Multi-Instant Spells

Assemble Cards Strange Instant
Hidden / User gains 500G if their hand contains at least one creature of each element. (FireWaterEarthAir) / If not, user draws 2 cards.
Debility Strange Instant
ST=0 to target creature. / Synthesis: Spells (MHP-20 to target creature.) / User draws a card.
Disease Normal Enchant
Adds "Ability -20" Enchant to target creature. (In battle, this creature is inflicted with ST & HP-20.) / User draws a card.
Diselement Strange Enchant
Adds "Nullify Land Effect" Enchant to target creature (No land effect). / Synthesis: Creatures (Changes target to "all Fatigued creatures.") / User draws a card.
Foresight Strange Instant
User views the top 6 cards in their book, then selects 1 to place in their hand.
Gift Strange Instant
User gains (User's rank x50)G. / User draws a number of cards equal to their rank from their book.
Greed Normal Enchant
Adds "1.5x Toll" Enchant to target creature. (This creature's toll fees are multiplied by 1.5.) / User draws a card.
Liquid Form Normal Enchant
Adds "Random Ability Value" Enchant to target creature. (In battle, target creature's ST & HP= Random value between 10-70.) / User draws a card.
Long Line Strange Instant
Hidden / If user owns 4 or more territories in a row, user gains 500G. / If not, user draws 2 cards.
Miracle Call Strange Instant
User draws 1 Evo Card from their book. / If an Evo Card can't be drawn, user draws 2 cards instead.
Philosophy Strange Instant
If user has a card with the Synthesis ability in hand, draw 3 cards / If not, user draws 2 cards.
Poison Mind Normal Instant
User views the top 6 cards in target enemy Cepter's book, then selects 1 to destroy. / User draws a card.
Prophecy Strange Instant
User draws 1 card of a specified type from their book.
Reincarnation Rare Instant
User discards all cards from current hand and draws a number of cards equal to the number they discarded +1.
Remote Switch Strange Instant
Changes the direction of all Path Switches. / Recycles to Book. / If no Path Switch is present, user draws a card.
Sense of Wild Rare Instant
User draws a card. If the drawn card is a creature, it is summoned to a random vacant land.
Vitality Normal Enchant
Adds "Ability +20" Enchant to target creature. (In battle, this creature is granted ST & HP+20.) / User draws a card.
Vortex Strange Enchant
Adds "No Battle Abilities" Enchant to target creature. (In battle, effects and abilities besides this one do not activate.) / User draws a card.
Wind of Hope Normal Instant
User draws 2 cards from their book.

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