A collection of professional and amateur reviews of Culdcept (PS2) and Culdcept II (DC).

1 DailyGame's Review (8/10) Written by Sylvia Gallardo
2 Deeko's Review (9/10) Written by Pete
3 Game Over's Review (83%) Written by Thomas Wilde
4 Game Revolution's Review (B) Written by Ben Silverman
5 GameFAQs Gamer Review - Crestfallen Dreamer (8/10) Written by Crestfallen Dreamer
6 GameFAQs Gamer Review - Delateur (8/10) Written by Delateur
7 GameFAQs Gamer Review - Egomaniac (10/10) Written by Egomaniac
8 GameFAQs Gamer Review - GamingKing24 (9/10) Written by GamingKing24
9 GameFAQs Gamer Review - Murtagh (9/10) Written by Murtagh
10 GameFAQs Gamer Review - Neo987 (10/10) Written by Neo987
11 GameFAQs Gamer Review - Niko718 (9/10) Written by Niko718
12 GameFAQs Gamer Review - Rottenwood (9/10) Written by Rottenwood
13 GameFAQs Gamer Review - Slimmdiggins (9/10) Written by Slimmdiggins
14 GameFAQs Gamer Review - The Elite1 (9/10) Written by The Elite 1
15 GameNikki's Review (8/10) Written by Dave Jesteadt
16 GamePro's Review (3.5/5) Written by Manny LaMancha
17 Gamers' Temple's Review (76%) Written by Gamers' Temple
18 GameSpot's Review (7.9/10) Written by Greg Kasavin
19 GameSpy's Review (4/5) Written by Christian Nutt
20 GameZone's Review (8/10) Written by Mike David
21 Gaming Age's Review (B-) Written by Marcus Lai
22 GamingTarget's Review (8.8/10) Written by John Scalzo
23 IGN's Review (8.7/10) Written by Jeremy Dunham
24 Netjak's Review (6.5/10) Written by Bill Wood
25 The Next Level's Review (A) Written by haohmaru
26 Worth Playing's Review (8.9/10) Written by Hank
27 X-Play's Review (3/5) Written by Greg Bemis

Card of the Moment

Basalt Idol PS2
ST:0 HP:20 MHP:20
Item Limit:
Defensive / Global Ability: All creatures cannot use abilities that trigger at Battle End or Upon Defeat.

Culdcept PS2/DC


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