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Goobie Gooba Doo! (G, 9/12/29)

3 Gooba Queen (would have used 4 if I had them when I played the deck)
2 Spitting Cobra
4 Wereboar

4 Claymore
4 Earth Shields
4 Gaseous Form

2 Binding Mist
4 Exile (used to get a Gooba in your hand to switch out the Gooba Queens)
2 Ice Storm
2 Influence
2 Land Transfer (used to get a Gooba in your hand to switch out the Gooba Queens)
4 Peace
4 Quintessence
4 Regeneration
1 Selenear (cuz it just feels like a million bucks)
4 Vitality

Focus: Earning the Protector of the Earth medal

This is a spell heavy deck, hardest part is getting the Gooba Queens out early enough because she needs 2 green lands. Played against Selena on Malthessburg map for big big big G win, a very long game with more then a few start overs. The hardest part with her is beating her leveled Cait Siths, make sure you have 30ST or lower ST creatures. I know I preferred one of her decks over the other two but cannot remember which one, probably the "Castle Guard" as it has no Valkyria/first attack, although with Cats 1 she uses Fairy Light, which is a running joke on the Malthessburg map and she also uses Fog and Peace which can be helpful to your cause to keep your leveled Gooba's safe.

By winning this medal, you will also inadvertently win "Unifier", opponent has no lands, "Fortune Bearer" a 10 chain, and if you play to 90,000G, "Roaring Fame."

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Last Updated on Friday, 23 June 2017 13:19

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