Culdcept PS2/DC - Player Decks

A collection of player-created decks for Culdcept (PS2) and Culdcept II (DC). From well-refined to just for giggles, they're here. Decks with the designation (HoF) are in the Culdcept Central Deck Hall of Fame and are acknowledged as exceptionally innovative at the time of their introduction. If you've created a deck you'd like displayed here, you can post it here in the forum.

The information in () after each deck's title is its card composition:
(N= R= B= G= Y=, # of creatures/# of items/# of spells)

1 (HoF) Book of Souls (Y, 4/0/46) Written by Jasoya
2 (HoF) Burning Bush (R, 19,9,22) Written by Russel09
3 (HoF) Gouda's Pain (NY, 17/5/28) Written by Jasoya
4 4-Way Protected Kelpie (NRBY, 21/4/25) Written by rawsushi
5 Air Strike (NY, 28/16/6) Written by Jasoya
6 Aports 0 (G, 16/0/34) Written by Jasoya
7 Black Plague (NRBGY, 28/11/11) Written by culdceptchad
8 Death Strike (NRBY, 33/13/4) Written by Jasoya
9 Goblin City (N, 16/11/23) Written by papaj7238
10 Goblin Crib (NRBY, 9/0/41) Written by Jasoya
11 Goblins (N, 4/0/46) Written by IronMonkey
12 Goobie Gooba Doo! (G, 9/12/29) Written by GoobaQueen
13 Iaido (NBY, 25/17/8) Written by The Associate
14 Kelpie Card Farmer (NB, 18/4/28) Written by tempeststormwind17
15 Megarodon (NRBG, 33/13/4) Written by tempeststormwind17
16 My Main Deck (NRBGY, 25/9/16) Written by korudo
17 Origin (R, 24/15/11) Written by The Associate
18 Overload (Y, 25/17/8) Written by tempeststormwind17
19 Pastow Port (NRY, 8/0/42) Written by Jasoya
20 Powtastrophe (GY, 5/8/37) Written by Jasoya
21 Puffballs (Y, 7/13/30) Written by AceLeader
22 Spell Hell (-, 0/0/50) Written by cerealkiller251
23 Starter (NBY, 28/9/13) Written by OmiyaSoft
24 Starter (NRG, 28/9/13) Written by OmiyaSoft
25 Zagol's Shadow Killer (-, 0/0/50) Written by GoobaQueen

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