Medal Rewards

Earn medals by accomplishing various goals while competing in Story battles or in Versus battles against Story characters. For every five medals that you collect, you will unlock one or more new rewards.

Medals Earned Reward
5 5 Extra Maps between numbers 21 and 30
10 E Card: Leoknight
15 E Card: Polymorph
20 5 Remaining Extra Maps between numbers 21 and 30
25 E Card: Astral Queen
25 E Card: Dragon Helm
30 E Card: Lightcraft
35 5 Extra Maps between numbers 31 and 40
40 E Card: Energy Flash
40 E Card: Tetramorph
45 E Card: Darkcraft
45 E Card: Talisman
50 5 Remaining Extra Maps between numbers 31 and 40

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Territory (40G): User chooses a card from target enemy Cepter's hand and destroys it.

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