Unraveling the mysterious Mystic Egg

Mystic Egg Rare Animal Neutral
ST:0 HP:30 MHP:30 G:0
In Battle: Transforms into another creature according to item used

For a while now, I've been curious which items change the Culdcept DS creature Mystic Egg into which creatures. So, finding too much spare time on my hands, I decided to experiment with it and list what each item transforms the Mystic Egg into. Many thanks to IVIad IVIaxx, who laid a lot of the groundwork, including finding out a good few of the combinations before I got around to it today.

Mystic Egg is a very odd creature within the Culdcept universe. At 0/30 ST/MHP, the Egg itself is rather weak, but considering it costs 0G to summon, the weak base stats can perhaps be overlooked. It's the Egg's in-battle ability that makes it stand out from all of the other creatures in the game, however. In battle, it can transform into one of several other creatures for the duration of the battle, but this transformation is not random. In order to transform, Mystic Egg must be equipped with an item in battle. Furthermore, when it does transform, that transformation is predetermined depending on the item it is equipped with from between 5 different possible creatures: Goblin, Salamander, Ice Salamander, Ghoul, or Nightmare.

Something anyone using Mystic Egg should note, however, is that any item used on Mystic Egg has no effect other than to turn Mystic Egg into another creature (except for The Hand and Gremlin Amulet - both of whose abilities take effect before Mystic Egg's ability). For example, if I used a Gaseous Form on my Mystic Egg, my Egg would turn into a Ghoul for that battle and would be able to attack with all 40 ST because Gaseous Form no longer functions to drop his ST to 0. However, at the same time, Gaseous Form would also fail to function to prevent any normal damage and thus if the foe was able to do at least 30 Damage to me (Ghoul's MHP) the battle would end with my Mystic Egg being killed.

The list of each item's corresponding creature it transforms Mystic Egg into is as follows:

Arcanum, Blood Spoil, Firebolt, Golden Goose, Handcuffs, Holy Grail, Lance of Odin, Magic Shield, Morning Star, Nunchaku, Protean Ring, Queen's Torch, Rock Biter, Scale Armor, Soul Blast, Terrair, Tower Shield, Wind Shield

Chainmail, Freeze, Ghoul's Claw, Hand Bomb, Holy Shield, Iksear, Lightning Bolt, Long Sword, Magic Belt, Necro Scarab, Offering Doll, Petrify Stone, Pot of Souls, Stone Hail, Sword of the Falcon, The Hand*, Tribal Mail, Water Shield

Ice Salamander:
Air Slasher, Boomerang, Changing Salve, Claymore, Coin of Piety, Counter Amulet, Dragon Shield, Earth Shield, Evil Eyeball, Flame Tongue, Gem of Life, Heavy Halberd, Holy Symbol, Maneater, Sonic Drum, Spear, Ring of the Succubus, Vampire Killer, Worm Sword

Armet, Bell of Law, Buckler, Charm, Dragon Slayer, Elven Cloak, Flame Whip, Gaseous Form, Gremlin Amulet, Mujina Mask, Phoenix Amulet, Polestar, Ring of the Vampire, Ripper Knife, Sallet, Sleep, Tiger Robe, Winged Boots

Angel Cape, Battle Axe, Catapult, Crossbow, Deadly Thorn, Dynamite, Fire Shield, Hell Blaze, Icicle, Leather Armor, Mace, Masamune, Neutral Amulet, Nuclear Fusion, Plate Mail, Silver Plow, Sling, Wind Cutter

* The Hand is a unique item when equipped on Mystic Egg because its ability actually does take effect before Mystic Egg's ability essentially eats the item to change its form. This means that by equipping The Hand on Mystic Egg you actually still are able to steal the opponent's item if they equip one before transforming into a more fearsome monster. Of course, the only problem with this is that you will have less control over what your Mystic Egg morphs into if you choose to use this strategy because what it morphs into is then dictated by the item that was stolen (and yes, this can also include any creatures the opponent used as support on their Bloody Pudding, etc). Oh, and in case anyone is curious, what happens in the event that you should equip The Hand to your Mystic Egg and the opponent refuse to give you any items to transform with, worry not because The Hand will transform you into a Salamander all on its own if it's unable to steal the opponent's item.

It seems the Mystic Egg's transformations are governed by the internal order in which the cards are listed in the game (this, while similar, is not the same as the order we see them in when playing, but instead is the order in which they were programmed into the game). If you would like to view the list of of cards in the order as they were programmed, you can find it here: When looking at the list, you can figure out which card will transform the Mystic Egg into which creature by using this pattern: Goblin, Salamander, Ice Salamander, Ghoul, and Nightmare. This pattern repeats every five cards on that list, all the way down.

However, since that would be a headache to do to say the least, I have taken the time to compile a more convenient list of each of the possible transformations and which creature cards (that when stolen by a Mystic Egg with The Hand) cause that particular transformation below:

Armed Gear, Bandit, Bundle Gear, Cleric, Horned Chameleon, Lunatic Hare, Ninja, Shade, Tyrannosaurus, Ashura, Dragon, Gas Cloud, Homunculus, Kobold, Phoenix, Valkyria, Crustacea, Dagon, Giant Eel, Hydra, Lion's Mane, Mycoron, Undine, Coati, Dark Elf, Gargoyle, Giant Slug, Pan, T'ao T'ieh, Troll, Wereboar, Elf, Ghost, Hornet, Knight, Paladin, Road Runner, Simurgh

Berserker, Decoy, Fighter, Giant Crawler, Goblin, Hobgoblin, Skeleton, Unseen Stalker, Wraith, Barrow Wight, Blast Sphere, Chimera, Dragonfly, Efreet, Manticore, Salamander, Deadly Fungus, Deep Spawn, Kelpie, Lizardman, Mad Clown, Storm Giant, Wizard, Armadillo, Carbuncle, Cockatrice, Dark Master, Dwarf, Toxic Flower, Vampire, Giant Bat, Gilded Raptor, Hurricane, Myrmecoleo, Nightmare, Sabre Claw, Sprite, Wyvern

Ice Salamander:
Amber Mosquito, Battle Gear α, Cyclops, Doppelganger, Giant Snake, Hoodlum, Migoal, Steam Gear, Werewolf, Bistair, Cait Sith, Drain Roper, Flame Weevil, Juggernaut, Minotaur, Will-o'-the-Wisp, Bloody Pudding, Charybdis, Leviathan, Mujina, Nymph, Sea Monk, Wall of Ice, Dragon Zombie, Ghoul, Gnome, Mummy, Ooze, Sandman, Tiger Beetle, Griffon, Igneous Fatui, Mage, Nue, Pushpull, Spectre, Succubus

Battle Gear β, Dracoaves, Ethereal Queen, Giant Spider, Hedgehog, Mystic Egg, Samurai, Zombie, Ba-Al, Camazotz, Elder Dragon, Fire Giant, Flame Lord, Pillar of Flame, Radon, Sorcerer, Behemoth, Geophage, Ice Salamander, King Tortoise, Lilith, Megalodon, Nessie, Basilisk, Dee & Dum, Dryad, Green Mold, Mantrap, Wall of Stone, Woodfolk, Beelzebub, Gremlin, Harpy, Mothman, Siren, Thunder Beak, Virus

Baldanders, Borgess, Chupacabra, Dragonoid, Giant Rat, Little Gray, Thief, Wolf, Acheron, Fire Drake, Golem, Hellhound, Old Willow, Old Willow, Pyromancer, Son Ascetic, Anubias, Giant Amoeba, Kraken, Lung, Medusa, Merfolk, Pirate, Remora, Barong, Cerberus, Death Gaze, Druid, Mandrake, Ormec Head, Selenear, Dullahan, Eidolon, Genie, Kung-Fu Monk, Leveller, Pegasus, Powder Eater

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