Farming Cards on the DS

I thought I would post some suggestions to help those with Culdcept DS farm cards more easily. While Culdcept DS is not nearly so easy to farm for specific cards for as the 360 version of the game (Culdcept DS also makes farming a much slower process than on Saga), it is possible to set your game up so that it plays itself for cards. To do this, I would recommend setting up a Versus match (third option on the main menu) with the following conditions:

Map: Dark Abyss (or the map with the highest card prize that you've been able to unlock)
TG Goal: Lowest possible for the given map (on Dark Abyss, it's 8000 TG)
Round Limit: lowest possible for the given map (on Dark Abyss, it's 40R)
Time Limit: (the 4th line down): 10 seconds
Taunts: (5th line down): OFF (Thanks to IVIad IVIaxx for this time-saving suggestion)
Sudden Death: (7th line down): OFF
Land Level: (bottom line): LV2

• Pick 3 other AI Cepters to play the match as well. Try to pick two that use similar colored books as the one you plan to use, and a third that uses an off-color deck.

• Set teams as follows: you and the two Cepters with similar-colored decks on one team, the Cepter with the off-color deck on the second 'team' playing by himself. (you should be ganging up against the off-color Cepter 3-1). As an example, I tend to use a red deck myself and pick the Cepter with the eyes on his palms (Horowitz) and the Cepter that looks a bit like a baboon or something (Kou-Tetsu) to be on my team and set Goligan as the sole player of the second team (using their default decks) and begin the match from there. Remember that it is not necessary to use a red deck to farm; I am only using it as an example. The important thing to remember is to try lining up your teams' colors as best you can to increase the AI's likelihood of making chains.

• Now start the match, sit back, and watch the game play itself for you. With the turns set to 10 seconds and the other two Cepters laying creatures down, the game does not need any attention from you from this point on.

• Check your DS in 20-40 minutes to see if the match is over. Once it is over, collect your cards (98% of the time you'll have won despite letting the AI play for you).

• Rinse and repeat.

This method is a little slower than if you played the match yourself. However, it does free you up from playing monotonous games against the computer to farm cards and allows you to just keep your DS doing the work for you pretty much indefinitely (I have been able to go from less than 500 total cards in my collection to 4,000+ in just a couple of weeks' time using this method).

I hope my small contribution helps some of you fellow Cepters trying to collect all the cards on the DS version. If there are any questions/suggestions for improvement please feel free to ask in the forum. Good farming!

Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 May 2013 08:48

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