Setup Combos

Setup Combos generally involve casting a spell on a creature or Cepter to set up that Cepter for a nasty surprise (or a nice benefit) very soon.



(mass damage spells)

Soul Steal
For 4 rounds, user receives 50G for each creature destroyed

"Feast For One, to go, please... hold the Phantasm. Muahahahaha!" - Andyman

Binding Mist Strange
Adds "Paralysis" to target creature
Chariot Strange
Move target creature belonging to user 2 squares
Telekinesis Rare
Move target creature 1 square

"Unless the creature in the crosshairs of this wicked combo can't be targeted, it's probably dead meat." - Andyman

Evil Blast Rare
Target enemy creature's HP-30
Unsummon Rare
Returns target creature on level<=3 land to owner's hand
Dryad Normal Humanoid Earth
ST:20 HP:30 MHP:30 G:60
Land Limit: Cannot be placed on Air
Item Limit:
Support / Can move to any vacant Earth land in the area
Wyvern Strange Dragon Air
ST:40 HP:40 MHP:40 G:80+Air
Land Limit: Cannot be placed on Earth
Item Limit:
Attacks First / Can move to any vacant Air land in the area

"I'll take that land, thanks!" - Andyman

Gnome Strange Humanoid Earth
ST:20 HP:40 MHP:40 G:60
Receives 1.5x toll
Selenear Extra Undead Earth
ST:80 HP:80 MHP:80 G:100+EarthEarthEarth
Land Limit: Cannot be placed on Air
Attacks First / Receives 1.5x toll
Holy Word 0 Strange
Target Cepter moves 0 spaces this round

"How to lose 6000G in two turns..." - Whooh05

Pressure Normal
All symbols' values decreased by 30%
Lung Rare Dragon Water
ST:0 HP:40 MHP:40 G:50+WaterWater
Land Limit:
Item Limit:
In Battle: ST & HP=(# of Water symbols owned by user)

"Not willing to spend the big bucks to make Lung a contender? Drop the stock market with Pressure and buy, buy, buy! This has the added benefit of hitting those symbol users where it hurts." - Whooh05

Silence Strange
Target Cepter cannot summon creatures for 2 rounds
Old Willow Rare Plant Fire
ST:20 HP:40 MHP:40 G:50+FireFire
Item Limit:
Defensive / If placed on Fire land, makes opposing Cepters stop
Kelpie Rare Animal Water
ST:30 HP:30 MHP:30 G:70+Water
Item Limit:
If placed on Water land, makes opposing Cepters stop

"Ensures that your opponent cannot attack when Old Willow or Kelpie flags it down." - Russel09

Weakness Normal
Target creature's ST=0
Lunatic Hare Rare Animal Neutral
ST:20 HP:30 MHP:30 G:20
Battle End: Swaps opposing creature's ST and HP values

"Drain their ST to 0 and kill them at the end of combat." - Whooh05

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