Multi-Step Combos

Multi-Step Combos are a whole lot simpler to understand than they are to execute successfully - but when you do pull them off, they can be devastating. They require at least two steps, but sometimes as many as five or six.


(any mass-damage spell or Territory Ability)
Insect Swarm Rare
All wounded creatures in target area HP-20

"Need to wipe the board out? (Warning: This will not make you any friends... Enjoy!)" - Whooh05

Catastrophe Rare
All creatures' HP-(50% of MHP)
Catastrophe Rare
All creatures' HP-(50% of MHP)

"No matter how high and mighty the creatures are out on the field, everything dies with this combo." - Jasoya
"Sandman: 'Hey Genie! Where'd everybody go?'" - Andyman

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Attack Bonus: Poison

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