Culdcept DS

Anything and everything related to Culdcept DS (Japan) for the Nintendo DS / DS Lite / DSi. Culdcept DS is an updated and expanded version of Culdcept (Saturn) / Culdcept Expansion (PS1).


  • Card Lists

    The complete card list for Culdcept DS and various sub-lists of specific types of cards (creatures, items, spells, Dragon-subtype creatures, Armor, Single-Flash spells, etc.) Don't see a particular sub-list you need? Send us a request and we'll add it! Many thanks to the Culdcept DS Fan Translation Project - without you, the card information would be a very long time coming.

  • Combos

    An ever-growing collection of player-submitted combos for Culdcept DS. If there's a perfect example of thinking outside the box anywhere in the game, it'll be found right here.

  • Guides

    Various helpful guides, lists, and charts for Culdcept DS.

  • Player Decks

    A collection of player-created decks for Culdcept DS. From well-refined to just for giggles, they're here. Decks with the designation (HoF) are in the Culdcept Central Deck Hall of Fame and are acknowledged as exceptionally innovative at the time of their introduction. If you've created a deck you'd like displayed here, you can post it here in the forum.

    The information in () after each deck's title is its card composition:
    (N= R= B= G= Y=, # of creatures/# of items/# of spells)

  • AI Decks

    This section showcases all of the Story mode characters' decks in Culdcept DS. Note: The deck titles are translated from Japanese, so they may not be completely accurate. If you spot an error, please let us know.

  • Reviews

    A collection of professional and amateur reviews of Culdcept DS. If you've reviewed Culdcept DS or know of a review we don't have listed here, please let us know!

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