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Special Lands and Element Gems

To see every special land included in Culdcept Revolt along with a brief description, follow this link. Some of those descriptions are sufficient to understand how the special land works. Below I'll expand upon some of those descriptions.

Path Switch: Path Switches have two possible states. When a Cepter lands on a Path Switch they can choose to toggle its state. Whatever choice the Cepter makes affects all Path Switches on the map. If not interacted with, all Path Switches will auto-toggle at the beginning of the 5th round after the last round they were interacted with. You are given notice when this will happen: the lights on the switches turn yellow two rounds before they will toggle, and red the round before.

Example: On the second turn of Round 2, someone lands on a switch and leaves it alone. If no one else lands on a Path Switch, the lights will turn yellow at the beginning of Round 4, red at the beginning of Round 5, and toggle to their other state at the beginning, i.e., before the first turn of Round 6.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 12 September 2017 14:44

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Kelpie Eater (w/video!) (NBY, 12/12/26)

This is my take on Powder Eater, mixing blue for the power of Kelpie and Poseidon.

1 Brass Idol
3 Gelatinous Wall
1 Kelpie
2 Poseidon
1 Rahab
4 Powder Eater

4 Aura Blade
3 Counter Amulet
2 Gaseous Form
3 Storm Armor

2 Anti Magic
2 Chariot
4 Fat Body
2 Find
2 Holy Word 0
2 Land Protection
4 Mutation
2 Relief
2 Spirit Walk
2 Telegnosis
2 Wind of Hope

Powder Eater is a ST=1 HP/MHP=1 creature. On the surface, it's weak, but it has a nifty ability - when you move it, it makes a copy. Why make a 1/1 copy? You wouldn't. Use cards like Fat Body (ST-20 MHP+20), Mutation (MHP +20, gives creature Poison) to pump them up! There are many ways to run PE books, and this is how mine works.

Last Updated on Monday, 11 September 2017 14:33

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Stop N Pay (w/video!) (B, 14/10/26)

2 Ahuizotl
4 Gelatinous Wall
1 Kelpie
2 Poseidon
1 Rahab
2 Swamp Spawn
2 Wall of Ice

2 Diamond Armor
4 Storm Armor
4 Water Shield

2 Anti-Magic
4 Fat Body
2 Find
4 Haste
4 Holy Word 0
2 Land Protection
2 Relief
2 Wind of Hope
2 Word of Recall

The object of Stop N Pay is to make manna as fast as you can and deprive your enemy of manna just as quick. This is a defensive style book, you will hardly, if ever, attack anyone. I've used this book for some time and maybe I've attacked three times?

Last Updated on Thursday, 07 September 2017 17:39

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Evo Card Primer

Puppy Dragon (Neutral) Young Dragon (Fire) Assault Dragon (Water) Massive Dragon (Earth) Great Dragon (Air)

Evo Cards are special E cards that you can tailor (within limits) for your purposes. You can include up to two in a book (or two total per alliance). They can be used online except in the Normal/Lite floor (depending on which online lobbies you get). They're obtained by completing four specific story quests and by acquiring every card.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 06 September 2017 20:08

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Insanity (NRBGY, 22/9/19)

To celebrate Culdcept Revolt's upcoming release in the West, here's the last of my favorite Culdcept Saga decks, Insanity!

3 Baldanders
3 Doppelganger
3 Shapeshifter
3 Tokebi
3 Quicksilver
2 Hypno Sloth
2 Lichenoid
3 Spectre

1 Boomerang
4 Spectre's Robe
4 Spiked Shield

2 Chariot
3 Crusher
3 Fame
2 Find
3 Gift
2 Paralyzer
2 Refuge
2 Relief

I've always been fond of random effects in Culdcept, so I built a deck full of random stuff to have fun with. After a few years' worth of modifications - and many, many ridiculously fun matches - it has evolved into the effective catch-all rainbow deck you see here. There's very little it can't handle, but like any chaos deck, if the random effects don't go your way, you'll have a very hard time winning with it. But when they do go your way, though... look out!

Last Updated on Thursday, 31 August 2017 13:22

Read more: Insanity (NRBGY, 22/9/19)
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