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What is Culdcept?

Culdcept (カルドセプト Karudoseputo) is a turn-based strategy video game. It has drawn comparisons to other modern strategy titles, and also shares features with non-video games Monopoly and Magic: The Gathering. In Culdcept, the player takes on the role of a Cepter. Cepters are beings that have the ability to use magical cards to summon creatures, cast spells, and perform various other feats of wizardry. As players advance through the game, they earn additional cards that they can use to create customized "books" (decks of 50 cards) with which to better defeat their foes. Although the game is relatively intricate, it slowly nurtures the player through basic game concepts. By acting as an arbiter and automatically enforcing the rules, game complexity is kept to manageable levels. After enough sessions, players should be able to figure out various strategies and be able to effectively practice deck optimization techniques. - Culdcept series overview from Wikipedia

Each game in the series has a unique story, and they're all pretty silly (in a good way). The basic gameplay is the same throughout the series. One huge strength of the Culdcept series is its exceptional balance - every card has a number of counters. Having played all of the games at length, I can say that I consider not a single card to be overpowered. It's remarkable.

Here's a summary:

Culdcept (Saturn) Culdcept Expansion (PS1) Culdcept Expansion Plus (PS1) Culdcept DS
Culdcept (Saturn, 1997) / Culdcept Expansion [Plus] (PS1, 1999, 2000) / Culdcept DS (2008)

The series originated on the Saturn. The PS1 versions feature some card revisions and some more maps. DS is an enhanced version with some extra cards, better game balance, online play and some great downloadable content. All were released only in Japan, though DS did get a great English fan translation.

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Culdcept Revolt is coming to the West!!!

Rejoice, Culdcept fans! NIS America has answered your pleas - the outstanding Culdcept Revolt is coming to the Nintendo 3DS this summer! Hard to believe it's been nine years since Culdcept Saga was released here. Eagerly looking forward to playing it in English!

Here's more info about it:

*UPDATE* Pre-orders are up! Amazon | GameStop

*UPDATE 2* The official soundtrack is out! Harmonics

*UPDATE 3* The Limited Edition is available for pre-order! NIS America | Amazon

*UPDATE 4* Official release date announced! It's coming August 29th!

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Misery (NRG, 23/9/18)

4 Ivory Idol
2 Lunatic Hare
1 Boggart
3 Gas Cloud
2 Tokebi
2 Hypno Sloth
2 Revenant
2 Rock Shell
1 Sakuya
3 Spiny Agama
1 Wolverine

3 Petrify Stone
3 Ring of the Succubus
3 Spectre's Robe

4 Anti-Magic
2 Chariot
4 Crusher
4 Fame
2 Find
2 Relief

Whooh05 and I collaborated to build this unique Free-For-All deck to exploit a behavior we've observed while playing Culdcept Saga online: Many players don't take a card's rarity into account when building a deck. Or more accurately, they tend to use a lot of S and R-rarity cards, mainly because of these cards' overall more powerful effects and abilities. Normally, that isn't a big deal... but it becomes a very big problem when Ivory Idol is on the map.

Ivory Idol
ST:0 HP:20 MHP:20 G:60
Item Limit:
Defensive / Global Ability: Cards of rarity S require 1.5x magic to use. Cards of rarity R and E require double.

A lot of normally affordable S-rarity creatures suddenly cost upwards of 100G. Armored Dragon and the elemental Avatars cost 200G. The elemental dragons cost 280G. Boosting creatures like Brontides and Lord of Bane cost 320G. Ouch.

But wait - the idol's insidious game-wide effect extends to items and spells as well. The very popular Magma and Storm Armor now cost 100G. Metamorphose Belt is 140G. It is a very rude surprise indeed when you can't afford to equip an item to defend your high-level land.

Drain Magic suddenly isn't quite as useful, at 120G. Trade becomes a losing proposition, as few creatures are worth swapping for at 200G. Mass damage is rendered a non-factor. Sculpture is 300G. Land-change spells are 320G. You get the idea - Ivory Idol disrupts an incredible array of strategies.

But we didn't stop there. We took the inherent G disparity (since Misery is nearly all N-rarity cards, which aren't affected by the idol) and made the gap even wider. Boggart and Wolverine are both N cards and take big tolls. Fame is also N, and Tokebi's outstanding Territory ability enables you to level up lands in a big hurry. Funnel the extra G into Gas Cloud and Spiny Agama, which are insanely hard to kill when your opponents are in a full-on financial crisis. Push them onto your high tolls with Hypno Sloth's Holy Word 1 ability.

Did an opponent manage to turn something into a problem? It's nothing that that always-awesome Lunatic Hare + Ring of the Succubus combo can't deal with. Set it up with Revenant's Attack Bonus. After you take their valuable land away, swap a strong defender in with Relief and change the land to Earth with Sakuya's ability.

Playing against aggressive opponents who can somehow afford to keep the pressure on? Opt for a passive keep-away Land Transfer strategy with Rock Shell. You'll almost certainly outpace their G production. Also, 4x Anti-Magic ensures that they can't touch your hand most of the time.

Want to be even more devious? Misery uses a passive deprivation approach, but there's nothing stopping you from making it active. Bandit just happens to be an N-rarity card, and he's fantastic with Spectre's Robe. Land Drain is S-rarity, but it's only 30G with Ivory Idol on the map. Pain is an N card.

You might be wondering about the deck's name - it has two meanings. Misery because it's miserable to cope with, and also because the deck itself is Miser-y... it does a lot with low-G cards. Get it?

Like this deck and want to build your own like it?

We've done the work for you! Click here to go straight to the Culdcept Saga Deck Builder and customize as you see fit! :-)

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NailBiter (NRB, 21/9/20)

4 Giant Rat
2 Living Claw
4 Lunatic Hare
4 Trap Spider
3 Tokebi
4 Deathquito

3 Abyssal Tome
3 Ring of the Succubus
3 Spectre's Robe

2 Chariot
3 Crusher
1 Find
2 Gift
4 Haste
2 Paralyzer
2 Refuge
1 Relief
3 Wind of Hope

After creating the Scrooged series of decks and using many of them in competitive play, I noticed that my opponents started bringing their own deprivation decks to counter mine. After a few very fun (but completely brutal) deprivation wars, I decided it was time to counter the counters... gotta love the metagame in Culdcept. I felt like Tightwad's ultra-low-G card list would be a good starting point, but I also felt like its 40G card cost cap wasn't quite high enough. So, I went up another 10G and came up with NailBiter. While I wouldn't say it's elite in terms of sheer effectiveness and versatility, it's one of my very favorite decks to play.

Why is it called NailBiter, you ask? Because your opponents will constantly be biting their nails, trying to figure out what you're up to. It worries them via three key elements. First, it's essentially a Silver Idol deck without the idol via about a dozen very hard-to-deal-with Attacks First combos. Second, absolutely nothing on the map is safe, ever, thanks to all the paralysis action, card crushing and two different Lunatic Hare instant-kill combos. Finally, every time you snatch away a high-level land, you'll probably be able to convert it to G very quickly with Tokebi... meaning they'll have a ridiculously hard time with what you're doing.

One part of Tightwad that I've always had a lot of fun with is the double Attack Bonus combos that Trap Spider + Ring of the Succubus and Abyssal Tome provide. It made me wonder what other double Attack Bonus combos I could fit into NailBiter. Answer: I found four more that are all more or less mix-and-match:

Living Claw + Ring of the Succubus - Essentially the same as the Trap Spider combo, but nobody ever seems to remember that Item Creatures can use Tools... until they're paralyzed and helplessly waiting for the rabbit of doom to pay them a visit.

Living Claw + Abyssal Tome - Paralyze them and turn them into a Statue at the same time... again, evil bunny comes hopping over soon after.

Deathquito + Ring of the Succubus - Smash a card and zero their ST. This sets them up for additional card crushing or... yep, Hare.

Deathquito + Abyssal Tome - Smash a card, petrify them and petrify yourself. This handy combo sets them up for a Hare assault, of course, but it also makes Deathquito into a high-MHP land holder.

The three main strategies to successfully counter any deprivation deck with NailBiter are to 1) keep more G in hand higher than you normally would, 2) negate movement control by holding Haste and overwrite whatever they slap on you, and 3) always be on the lookout for Land Transfer opportunities. The deck's very low G cost means you'll start fast and finish faster, and they'll have an extremely hard time holding you down. You'll also be very surprised by how well Giant Rat and Deathquito hold land, with the assortment of combos that exploit their Attacks First abilities.

Here are some possible revisions that could enhance this deck:

Borgess - His +20HP boost and 50G cost are a perfect fit in this Neutral-heavy deck. I just found that I didn't need him most of the time.

More movement - In Saga Bowl IV, Smack Dave ran around Colosseum II with Holy Word 8 and Haste to take the title... it couldn't hurt here.

Land Drain - It adds a nice combination of deprivation and G production in one cheap card.

Like this deck and want to build your own like it?

We've done the work for you! Click here to go straight to the Culdcept Saga Deck Builder and customize as you see fit! :-)

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Culdcept Revolt Card Spreadsheet

The various Culdcept Revolt Card Lists on this site are great and all, but you might have been wishing for a searchable / sortable / filterable card spreadsheet...

Well, consider your wish granted! Just click on the image below to download the Excel 97-2003 format spreadsheet and you can get started right away improving your Culdcept Revolt decks!

Culdcept Revolt Card Spreadsheet

Last Updated on Tuesday, 11 April 2017 17:50

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Angry Mob Revolt
ST:20 HP:30 MHP:30
In Battle: Tap the A button quickly to increase ST. If ST is raised >100, ST=10.

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