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Last Updated on Sunday, 05 June 2016 00:52

Culdcept Revolt to release on July 7th!

Culdcept Revolt to be released on July 7th, 2016!

In addition to a huge pile of fundamental gameplay changes, we now know that Culdcept Revolt will be out in Japan in just under two months from now! I'm still trying to wrap my head around all the new stuff... stay tuned here, on Facebook, Twitter and on the Forum for updates!

You can see the 5/11 Nintendo Direct for Culdcept Revolt here. Enjoy!

Last Updated on Wednesday, 11 May 2016 13:01

Culdcept Revolt getting its own Nintendo Direct!

Culdcept Revolt-focused Nintendo Direct on 5/11!

In case you missed the excitement on our Facebook page, Nintendo of Japan is hosting a Nintendo Direct broadcast this coming Wednesday, May 11th that is focused on Culdcept Revolt!

For those who don't already know, Culdcept Revolt is the fourth "true" game in the series and is due out for the Nintendo 3DS in Japan in July. Along with the great Culdcept features we all know and love, it is intended to be friendlier to new players, its pace is a bit faster, and it adds some other new gameplay features. It will have over 400 cards, over 200 of which will be new. It also features characters designed by Kinu Nishimura!

You can see the 5/11 Nintendo Direct for Culdcept Revolt here. Enjoy!

Last Updated on Wednesday, 11 May 2016 13:02

Black Parrot's Offline Guides

ZeromnHave you ever wanted a notebook full of essential Culdcept Saga information close at hand while playing? Well, Black Parrot thought that would be awesome, too!

He painstakingly adapted a massive amount of the Culdcept Saga content here on Culdcept Central into Microsoft Word pages formatted for easy display in a binder (several binders, probably). It's an impressive piece of work.

Here's what it includes:


  • A detailed strategy guide that includes each Story Mode stage, the Cepters you'll face, what decks they use and much more.
  • The complete list of cards in the game, with each card on its own page.
    - Neutral Creatures
    - Fire Creatures
    - Water Creatures
    - Earth Creatures
    - Air Creatures
    - Dual-Element Creatures
    - Items
    - Spells
  • The full list of Achievements and how you unlock them.
  • All of the Avatar Parts and how you obtain them.
  • An alphabetical list of Creature Abilities and what they do.
  • Every Shrine Effect listed alphabetically, including whether it's good, neutral or evil.

You can download a .zip file that includes all of the above here. Aim for the castle!

Last Updated on Friday, 15 April 2016 19:57

Culdcept Revolt Preview Card List

Since Culdcept Revolt isn't due out until July 7th 2016, this list is a work-in-progress and is missing many cards that will be in the game. The cards that are on this list will almost certainly be in the game, but their various stats may be different in the finished game. We've used the new game's stats where available, and used other games' card stats where they aren't. If you have info you want to contribute to this list, please post in this forum thread. Thanks for your help!

Jump to: Neutral ~ Fire ~ Water ~ Earth ~ Air ~ Item ~ Spell

Neutral Neutral Creatures

ST:20 HP:20 MHP:20 G:20
Support / Attack Bonus: Steals (damage dealt x2G) magic from opponent.
He's even more irritating (and effective), now that several supporting creatures are cheaper.
Beast Gear
ST:30 HP:30 MHP:30 G:70
Item Limit:
Cannot be targeted by spells or territory abilities. / Neutralizes: Scroll attacks.
Robodog is probably in Revolt, because Ground Gear is. We'll see!
Clockwork Owl
ST:0 HP:20 MHP:20 G:10
Item Limit:
Territory (30G): Target Cepter can choose movement direction next turn.
With the new lap setup, the Owl might just have become much more useful.
ST:0 HP:10 MHP:10 G:50+
Item Limit: Cannot use weapons Cannot use armor Cannot use scrolls
Reflects: All attacks (except scroll attacks).
He's 10G more now, but considering the addition of Dominant Growth, he's even scarier than before.
Fighter Normal
ST:40 HP:40 MHP:40 G:30
Only 30G for 40/40 now? Fighter was already cheap! Wow.
Goblin Normal
ST:20 HP:30 MHP:30 G:0
No Goblins in Culdcept would be like having no pawns in chess...
Great Fossil
ST:0 HP:30 MHP:30 G:40+
Item Limit:
Defensive / Does not claim tolls. / Upon Defeat: Transforms into Tyrannosaurus.
No word yet if Little Fossil is in Revolt, though (it wasn't in 3DS).
Ground Gear
ST:20 HP:40 MHP:40 G:70
Item Limit:
Support / Neutralizes: Scroll attacks. / Transforms into Androgear if Sky Gear is used as Support.
Shown in the second trailer (0:44).
Halfling Normal
ST:30 HP:30 MHP:30 G:50
Cannot be targeted by spells or territory abilities. / Receives land effect from lands of any element.
New creature! It's like Beast Gear and Horned Chameleon had a kid.
Hide Behind Strange
ST:30 HP:40 MHP:40 G:40
Territory (40G): Adds Camouflage to target friendly creature.
New creature! Land bonus on demand... nice!
Iron Monger Strange
ST:20 HP:30 MHP:30 G:10
Territory (50G): User draws an item card.
New creature! Excellent replacement of those useless "Smith" spells! - akwan_tarot
Lunatic Hare
ST:20 HP:30 MHP:30 G:20
Battle End: Swaps opponent's ST and HP values.
We also know Ring of the Succubus is in Revolt. ;-)
ST:40 HP:40 MHP:40 G:80+
Critical Hit: / Neutralizes:
He's been around since the beginning. He ain't goin' nowhere.
Nil Burner
ST:40 HP:40 MHP:40 G:70+
Attacks First / Support: / Territory (100G): Deals 20 damage to all creatures in territories with Single-Enchant effects.
New creature! Great abilities and Punisher on demand? Scary.
ST:40 HP:40 MHP:40 G:70
Attacks First / Scroll Critical Hit
He's been around since the beginning. Wonder if Tengu will be also?
Ogre Lord
ST:40 HP:50 MHP:50 G:90
Scroll Critical Hit / In Battle: ST+30 if Red or Yellow Ogre are in play, HP+30 if Blue or Green Ogre are in play.
Shown in the second trailer (0:32).
Rock Titan Rare
ST:70 HP:70 MHP:70 G:90
Item Limit: Cannot use weapons Cannot use armor Cannot use tools Cannot use scrolls
Battle End: ST & MHP-10
New(ish) creature! Safe to say Golem isn't in Revolt, as they merged it and Colossus into this.
Skeleton Normal
ST:30 HP:40 MHP:40 G:30
Confirmed! No more scroll limit for Mr. Ribs. (props if you got that obscure game reference lol)
Sky Gear
ST:40 HP:20 MHP:20 G:70
Item Limit:
Attacks First / Support / Transforms into Androgear if Ground Gear is used as Support.
In the list because Ground Gear is in the second trailer.
Statue Normal
ST:0 HP:50 MHP:50 G:20
Item Limit: Cannot use weapons Cannot use armor Cannot use scrolls
Defensive / Does not receive lap recovery.
The second trailer (0:05) shows Statue. We're betting Medusa's in the game too.
Trojan Horse
ST:0 HP:30 MHP:30 G:50
Item Limit:
Penetrates / Support
Another card with Culdcept Saga artwork. :-)
Tyrannosaurus Strange
ST:50 HP:60 MHP:60 G:75+Card
Item Limit: Cannot use armor Cannot use scrolls
Nice to see this high-stat supporting creature is back, and with a slightly lower cost!
Wonder Wall
ST:0 HP:30 MHP:30 G:10+
Item Limit:
Defensive / Neutralizes:
Only 10G now! (hums old Oasis song)
Zombie Normal
ST:20 HP:50 MHP:50 G:20
Item Limit: Cannot use scrolls
Battle End: MHP-20
In the list because Necro Scarab is confirmed. I'm not dead! I feel fine!


Last Updated on Monday, 06 June 2016 20:51

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